Monday, May 14, 2007

Proud of my staff

Since my last post we had graduation (Sat., 5th) and finals the next week for the rest of the students. They were all officially gone by 2 p.m. last Thursday and the army moved in at 4! - Yes, the Army.

There is an Army Reserve post down the road from us and they needed lodging for their unit getting ready to go to Iraq. So they are staying on campus for 30 days. It was an awesome task to get everything ready, but we 'got 'er done'!!!

Last Sat. (12th) my husband was in a motorcycle accident and ended up with broken ribs and a partially collapsed lung. So my staff has stepped up to the bat for me and will 'carry on.' I know they will do a fine job. They're a great bunch. Fortunately, the semester is over and I have nothing on my schedule for this week.

I may not be posting for a while, but as soon as "things and husbands" are back on their feet I will be back.

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