Monday, May 22, 2006

Old Deweys

I thought I had an opportunity to give away some old Dewey Decimal books. Someone had asked for give-aways for a friend. This friend travels overseas and helps struggling libraries set up their collection. But, alas, my 16th and 17th editions were a bit too old. (I didn't tell her that I had some even older then that!) Some things you just can't even give away! Sigh! :-)
.....Oh well, I have found a use for recycling old books anyway, actually, I should say book covers. They transform into really neat purses and are cute gifts, or - as one library I know - use them (purses) to raise money for FOL! (A dewey would make one BIG purse!!!)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

That would be a tote bag not a purse! I think I could handle a purse made out of something like that - but some of the ones online I've seen made out of old kids books just make me cringe - the poor book!