Thursday, June 01, 2006

"Delivered to Heaven"

"Fast Forward"

I belong to an organization for Christian librarians. Recently we all learned of the return of illness to one of our friends and co-librarian, BN. She has been moved to a hospice and holding up well, overall. She knows that her final destination is secured through her faith and relationship with Jesus Christ. It's just the "in the mean time" period that is hard.

In thinking about the pains we experience with the end of life, on this earth, the similarities of being born onto this earth, and being "born" into heaven when we die was inspiration for the following. It is an amateur's attempt, but hopefully the point will be understood.

"Delivered to Heaven"

What a wonderful day when Jesus I’ll see
When to heaven I’m ‘birthed;’ delivered, and free.
Loosed from earth’s bonds, unfettered at last
Eyes looking forward, forgetting the past.

Death pains are only the labors of birth,
E'en passing through Waters when leaving this earth.
My Father will greet me and welcome me there.
He’ll wrap me and hold me with warm tender care.

I’ll put Jesus’ face to that wonderful voice.
I’ll breath in new air; I’ll cry and rejoice.
I’ll drink from the fountain refreshing and clear.
Surrounded I’ll be by family so dear.

He'll show me my home prepared there for me.
With Jesus I’ll live for eternity.
The saints will rejoice when to heav’n I’m borne.
By angels I’m carried on that wonderful morn.

The dark of earth's "womb" will stay in the past.
The “Light of the World” I’ll bask in, at last.
For finally I’ll reach my heavenly home
Forever to be and no more to roam.

That wonderful day - my birthday twill be
Real life will begin forever for me.
That wonderful day - my birthday twill be
Real life will begin for eternity.

Suzanne Guinn
1 June 2006

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