Thursday, July 06, 2006

Fourth of July weekend

Create your own fireworks celebration. I found this through a friend's blog site. Have Fun!

Last Saturday (July 1, 2006) was our older son’s 29th birthday. So “we-4” (b’day boy/son, daughter, father and mother) met our other son and daughter-in-law at a LongHorn Steakhouse to celebrate his birthday. JG works at a LongHorn restaurant but had never eaten there as a customer. Most of us had a steak. They were all delicious. MSG, our daughter had her favorite supper: cheeseburger! (All that delicious steak, and she picks a hamburger!!) Oh Well, she was happy. And we all enjoyed a good meal.

Afterwards, MRG (husband) and I went to the city to see Riverdance!! WooHoo! I had heard they were “in town.” I had asked my husband if he would like to go see them. He said no unless “he was tricked into it”! :-) So, I asked him to take me for our 35th anniversary which is 8 days later. So we did! I had an absolutely wonderful time. He really enjoyed himself too. He did say he liked the first half better than the second. And I liked some parts better then others, and “Trading Taps” the best. But it was all very good. The lead dancers that we saw were Mr. Liam Ayres, and Miss Siobhan Manson .

From their website is this bit of information: "Riverdance has been seen live by over 18 million people in over 250 venues worldwide, throughout 30 countries across 4 continents."

Sunday was the first day that our interim pastor officially started. Afterwards we had a church picnic at a member’s home/yard. That was a nice touch for it also being the Fourth of July weekend.

Since both MRG and JG had to work on the fourth we didn’t have a family celebration this year. Instead I pretty much spent the day working my polymer clay magic making beads and jewelry. But that evening I did watch the Capitol Fourth celebration and Boston Pops' celebration on TV. I especially like to watch the Boston Pops on the 4th. But this year I tho’t that the Capitol Fourth celebration was the better of the two. I am not a rock and roll fan, so having Steven Tyler and Joe Perry of Aerosmith fame on the show actually ruined it for me. Stringy, greasy hair, leather and chain attire and screaming at the top of your voice isn’t my kind of patriotic celebrating, honoring God and Country. So this year before the Boston Pop's program was even over, I heard fireworks outside. So I grabbed my camera and walked our little community taking pictures of local fireworks. Time will tell if they even turn out. But that was truely an american celebration - having the freedom and safety to walk about town, after dark, carrying an expensive camera taking pictures of strangers' celebrations!

What has all of this got to do with libraries? Well, even library staff folks get some time off and this is what I did over the last 5 days – a nice long weekend. Today I am back at work solving patrons’ problems over losing their library card, (and still wanting to check out books), deciding what duplicate books to keep and what to return, working on a specialized cutter table for our library, reviewing the amount of requested books by professors compared to the classes they teach and see where there is imbalance, catching up on email that has accumulated over the last 5 days, juggling out a new courier service along with the two we already have (and no, we really don’t have that much business. You’ll have to see my comments earlier about the courier service situation and what I think of it.) And, of course, having lunch with my co-workers, catching up on their exploits over the weekend, too.

Guess I better get back to checking the books that have been cataloged, work on that cutter table, and see, if there’s any time left, about getting reports written up from the conference I went to last month.

PS - are you interested in blogging, too? Here's an article and handy tips on how to have a good blogging site.


Alison (fm ACL) said...

I must admit, that even for those of us who DO like rock and roll, the Boston Pops weren't up to their usual caliber... I think its because it was shorter - it used to be a lot longer when it was "Pop Goes the Fourth" on A&E (I think) - of course it could also be that I was younger and just THINK it was longer then! (plus even those of us who like rock, don't necessarily want it on the 4th of July - give us the Wilhousky arrangement of the Battle Hymn of the Republic!)

Anonymous said...
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penguinn said...

re:give us the Wilhousky arrangement of the Battle Hymn of the Republic!