Saturday, June 01, 2013

Blog Names

I realize I don't post on here very much any more. That's partly because I don't have much to put on a blog about libraries any more and partly because of time. However recently I have been asked to do a blog for our public library where I work. (Rogers Public Library). I've been doing it for a couple of weeks now and was using a tired overused title: Food for Thought. So I decided to see if I could create a new, fresh and unique one.

I needed to come up with a name that reflected what the blog was about - or at least I thought I needed to. I cover trivia type things: word for the day, quote of the day, this day in history, well as recipes and something to do with genealogy. I finally decided on what I wanted to use. But because it took me a while to figure one out I thought maybe others do to. So, the ones that are left I thought I would post here. Maybe they will give you an idea, or help spark one of your own. - Enjoy -

Armchair Librarian
Book Bags and Bone Piles
Books and Butterflies
Brunette Bookie
Brunette Bookette
Busy Bookworm
The Book Barn
The Book Brain
Bindings and Treebark
Bones and Brains
The Book Nook
Cup and Chaucer
Plate and Plato
From the Book House
Glamorous Bookie
Glamorous Bookette
The Ghost Librarian
The Happy Worm
Journal Blothering
The Library Ghost
No Shelves Necessary
Off the Shelf'
Razorbooks (for Arkansas)
Quiet Updates
Today's Serving
Words to Wonder
Words to Wander
Wonderful Words
Word Nerd
Word Journal
Word Mission
Word Room
Write and Wong

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